Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently-asked questions that we've put together to help you understand Blake’s fast and friendly car rental process.  If you still can't find the answer to your question please contact us!

What are the minimum age requirements for renting?

The minimum age to rent is 18 years. There is an additional charge of $25 per day for drivers between 18 and 21 however.

Do I need a driver's license?

At time of rental car pick-up all drivers must present a valid driver's license in the driver’s name. Foreign licenses are valid for 30 days of continuous stay on Guam as long as they are accompanied by a passport in English or an international license.

Can I pay Cash for my rental?

Yes you can pay cash however, cash payment requires a security deposit that is refundable at termination of rental less any incidentals such as gas shortage or extra time useage or damages etc.. The security deposit is based on the rental itself. For off island guests you may surrender your passport in lieu of cash or credit card.

What is included in the taxes, insurance, and fees portion of the price?

The taxes included in the price are those mandated by the Government of Guam known as GRT(Gross Receipts Tax). There is a additional charge of $5 per day for BIC(Basic Insurance Coverage)with $250,000 Single Combined Limits of liability and  PDW(Physical Damage Waiver) with $2,500 deductible. A reduced deductible may be obtained for a daily fee as follows: For $1,500 deductible add $5 per day for $1,000 deductible add $8 per day and for a $500 deductible please add $10 daily.  The VLF(Vehicle License Fee) is $3 per day but waived when booking via our website.

Rest assured when you get your official confirmation in the form of a Blake's Rez number you will see that we have already adjusted your rates to the appropriate amount as well as included any discounts if applicable.

Do you have Airport/Hotel pickup and drop off services?

We offer FREE pickup and drop off services at all Tumon hotels and the Guam International Airport. A shuttle fee of $25 per way is charged for AAFB and Naval Station pickups etc... These drop offs are during our normal hours of operation from 8am to 6pm on M-F and 9am to 3pm on Saturdays. Sundays we are closed for business but will arrange to assist you by appointment if manpower is available so please ask for this service and the appropriate charge for such after hour service. If paying by credit card we may have your car dropped off at your hotel and keys left with the front desk provided you have an official booking with them. You will then come into our office when we open up for business the following day to finalize paperwork and verify existing damage to the vehicle etc...

How do we contact you for airport pickup services?

Upon clearing customs please call our office at 671-647-2525 or cell phone at 671-727(CARS)2277 to arrange your shuttle to our office to do the paperwork and pick up your rental. Generally a shuttle will be dispatched and arrive within 15 mins. of your phone call. You can place a phone call from the phone booths located inside the Arrivals Terminal. The shuttle will pick you up curbside in the front of the taxi stands. Again, this FREE service is provided only during our posted working hours or if you arranged and paid for after hour pickup services! Please provide us your airline and flight information ahead of time so we may check to see if your flight is on schedule or not.

May I leave the rental at my Hotel or the Airport upon termination of contract and if so what is the charge?

Yes you may leave the rental at your Tumon Hotel FREE of charge, if your hotel is outside of Tumon a fee of between $15 and $35 will be charged for it's retrieval depending on it's location. You must confirm your intentions at time of reservation or pickup as to where you will return the rental if other then location of pickup.

Yes you may leave your rental at the Airport by paying an additional $25 fee at time of reservation/pickup for the parking lot charges and cost of retrieval. If choosing to leave at the airport we will give you specific instructions as to where to leave the rental. Once we secure your rental at the office, we will close out your contract settle any incidental charges against your deposit/cc authorization if there are any; and send you details via email. Make sure you don't forget to gas the car before leaving it at your hotel or the Guam International Airport to avoid any additional fuel charges. Please try to email or text our cell phone at 671-727-2277 when you have secured the rental so that we have a record it is ready for pickup. Sometimes clients extend and fail to inform us. This will help expedite clearance before car endures any unwarranted damage while parked.